Early October, Near Now

After recuperating from the stela battle and giving Hansel a fitting funeral, the Knights of the Hart took Shuriken’s information about the “Horn of Dungar” and decided to visit Norway in search of the Artifact. Haldor was originally from the region and was curious as to who “Dungar” was as well as why he was mistaken for him in the VX. They sailed to Myre, Norway and outfitted themselves with winter wear, as the Northern Norway October was as cold as American winter. Their first encounter with Ayslish magic was a strange portal spell that warped them to a secret hideaway, where they fought a group of mercenaries, before finding their way out. Itzcoatl obtained a protective armband from the spoils.
They were provided housing, as roughly 1/2 the population of Myre had either fled or died in the invasion, and unoccupied cottages were plenty. They decided to rest for the night and make the 4 hour trip to Nyksund the following day. In the middle of the night, they were awakened to the sounds of metal clanking and discovered a mercenary force approaching Myre. The Knights jumped into action, catching the invaders by surprise, but only then did they notice the invaders were many more than they first thought. The fight was over 4-to-1 in favor of the invaders.
Andromache and Haldor fought devils, while Shuriken fought multiple raiders at a time. Shaderact and the professor were trying to shoot from afar, but were ambushed by scouts and had to use retreat tactics.. Itzcoatl pit his mystical might against four priestesses. The invading force was led by a armored warrior on a horse. Through grit, determination and teamwork, the Knights were able to vanquish the invaders and save Myre.

Late September, New Now

The Knights of the Hart regrouped back at the Kentucky farm. Bain, Hawk, Akasha, and the professor were able to use their knowledge and the Living Land stela to make artifiacts that theoretically would disrupt Rek Pakken’s ability to dimthread forces to the stela, and would instead randomly ‘thread them to the artifacts, if they were close enough. The Circle made a bold plan. They had intel from Shuriken that the zone above LA was filled with possibility energy, and removing the stela presumed to be on San Nicholas island would be attainable. With four reality artifacts, the Knights of Dunad, Knights of the Road, Knight Raiders, and Knights of the Hart made it to the island. Once there, they split up with the Knights of Dunad taking the North, Knights of the Road taking the West, Knight Raiders taking the South, and Knights of the hart taking the East.
Going South along the beach they encountered edeinos warriors and sabertooth cats. Haldor Charged into battle and was completely surrounded. Crocodiles burst from the ocean and charged the main group. A fierce battle raged. Over comms and HUDs, they were able to see the other knights also engaged with the enemy. Edeinos, dinosaurs, sabertooths, and other prehistoric beasts. They defeated the living land forces and took a moment to rest, before setting foot into an ominous cave at the base of a cliff that fell to the sea.
They entered the cave and found at the end was a chasm between them and the stela, guarded by four edeinos. A rough cut stone walkway along the Western side allowed access. The Darkness Device, sensing danger, dimthreaded a couple dozen gospog to surround the stela. It’s other dimthreads of gospog, edeinos warriors, and ravagons were diverted as planned by the stela emulating amulets. Taking out multiple gospog with each attack, the Knights began to whittle down the stela’s defenders. More reinforcements dimthreaded down to the other amulets. Among them was a ten foot tall edeinos warror. Hansel shapeshifted into a werewolf iand went to engage the edeinos warrior. he was gutted and sliced into two, as the Knights of Dunad were shocked that Baruk Kaah himself had dimthreaded down. Panicked, they called for the Knights of the Hart to take out the stela. Shuriken flew over the chasm and he and other made a path for Itzcoatl to get close enough to the stela. With grit and determination, Itzcoatl stripped the stela of its Living Land reality. Baruk Kaah hastily retreated, cursing the Storm Knights and vowing revenge.

September, Near Now

The Knights see a three-way battle. Security forces are defending a Pan-Pacifica stela while Tharkold forces are trying to activate their own. Edeinos who have come bringing their own stela to take back the region completely make up the third force. The battle has been bloody and the three forces have been decimated down to only a handful on each side from the hundreds that had first been there.

The Knights sneak through the jungle and surprise the edeinos force and the edeinos are taken down quickly. John Smith and Shaderact shoot at the Tharkold force consisting of a remaining Tharkoldu and 4 thralls, while Itzcoatl advances on them. The others engage in melee with the Kanawa squad of a giant security robot and three remaining security troops. The Kanawa security troops were mowed down, but came back as jiangshi, one even mutated to a sickening zombie of oddly bent legs and a long slathering tongue. Prof. Paul Von Faasen took out the security robot, as Haldor, Shuriken, and Andromache dispatched the zombies. The Knights then focused on the Tharkold force. Suddenly a ravagon appeared and attacked Shaderact. Shuriken flew over to help. Three thralls were killed and the Tharkoldu was slowly taking damage. John Smith layed down enough fire with his requisitioned Kyogo machine gun, that the ravagon was forced to flee. The Tharkoldu, facing certain death, grabbed its thrall and sacrificed it in order to teleport away. The Knights realized that they would not be able to uproot the Pan-Pacifica stela without potentially killing millions of people, and instead called in for support from the Circle. The Professor rendered the Tharkold stela inert, the Living Land stela was taken for study, and the site marked on maps for a return to the Pan-Pacifica stela.
Early September, Near Now

While at the farm, the Knights get a request. from Sing, offering them a “deal”. She says they may be interested in a business arrangement. She once again needs their skills. She says the information is too sensitive to say over the internet, but requests that they head to Los Angeles. She says that in return for just showing up, she will give them information on an Aylish item. She tells them it concerns an artifact known as the “Horn of Dungar”.

They are flown to the Star Hotel, an Up-class Hotel/Business Center/Sushi-Bar Nightclub. They are given rooms to enjoy and complementary food and drinks at the Sushi-Bar. The next morning they met Shuriken, an Asian business man who introduces them to Boris Volkov, a citizen of Belarus, whish was taken by Tharkold. Information he has (along with information given to Shuriken by Tsubosa Loshi) is that Tharkold plans to seek vengeance on Pan-Pacifica's insult of taking Los Angeles on this Earth by replacing the Pan-Pacifica stela with their own.

in a rush of action, Boris is discovered to be a sleeper agent that kills Shuriken, only to have a stalenger attack the Tharkold monster and claim to be the real Shuriken. The building is attacked by a cyborg dragon, which in turn is attacked by an Asian Dragon (Transformed flying lizard). The Knights flee the building along with civilians and are met by corporate Security (who have taken over policing Los Angeles) who are trying to "quarantine"  the area. The Knights defeat security and rescue the civilians.

They go to the Port of LA, where the cyborg dragon was seen coming from. After an encounter with Tharkold swarm rats, they find what they believe to be coordinates for the Pan-Pacfica Stela nd take a Hoverjet to Paymaster Landing, the last town and clear area on the way to the stela. **In Paymaster Landing they are surprised by a jiangshi mob as apparently Kanawa wanted to use the small out of the way village to test a new zombie strain. After putting down the zombie mob as well as the Security, they head across the Colorado River into the jungle. They fight their way through dinosaurs and jungle conditions to finally arrive at the Stelae.

Side Bar- Late July, Near Now

Shuriken - Businessman/Martial Artist Stalenger
Geist – Nile Empire Gadget Hero
Sir Braeden of Concordia – Aysle Knight
Tsubosa Loshi - Tharkoldu Mage
Reverend Randolph Raith – Orrorsh Priest/Werewolf

The Miracle of Southern California was a shock to all, except Pan=Pacifica. Kanawa decided that Nippon Tech's "miracle" around Earth's Sacramento was an inspiration, but wanted to go further. The USA already had an invasion, but Kanawa was ready to show that it could be useful against primitives and dinosaurs as much as Jiangshi. One swapped stela later, and a large swatch of land from Los Angeles to Southern Utah was made into a Living Land Pan-Pacifica mixed zone. The USA, confident in Kanawa Tech, bought Hover Jets and other military weapons to take back more.

Shuriken saw disaster. The US military was going to strike North. At first things seemed to go as planned. In Santa Barbara, just North of Los Angeles, the military pushed the edeinos hordes back. Shuriken felt a Pan-Pacifica presence, as if another stela was being replaced, but something went wrong and the Pan-Pacifica replacement was not successful. In fact, the reality fight cemented the Living Land and turned the area into a pure zone. Soon technology started to stop working as ords disconnected. Many sought refuge inside the walls of the hospital in Santa Barbara. Thanks to the bravery of the above Storm Knights, innocents and suriving military were able to be led back South to Los Angeles.

August, Near Now

The group flees Chichen Itza, but on the way back to Cancun, they come across a village with its inhabitants all dead. Closer analysis shows that they have all been decapitated, and while heads are of various ages, all the bodies are extremely elderly. They are attacked by ninja and find a wrist phone which states that they need to find the head before Shuriken does. Photograph files show the Jade head of Altun Ha. 

Itzcoatl explains the Altun Ha was once controlled by a powerful Aztec Priest and when he felt the shift of Earth's Magic waning, he used his power to put his life energy into the Jade Skull. Apparently, with Azteca's magic axiom increase, he was freed. It appears that a theif had absconded with the jade head in the invasion panic, but was caught in Azteca's formation and the Skull took him as its first victim. They realize that the ancient priest is using the life engy of the host and it is prematurely aging the bodies. Itzcoatl realizes that he needs to get back to Altun Ha to perform another great sacrifice to be able to keep a host body.

They meet up with Andromache's old college roommate, Sing (Star), who is there to get the head to her employer. She offers a large sum of money to the Knights if they help her. They get to Altun Ha and fight the priest whose magic transforms him into a great clawed monster. Shaderact defeats him by toppling half of a pyramid down upon him. The group gives the jade head to Sing, who will take it to a low magic mixed Living Land/Pan-Pacifica zone.

July , Near Now

The Knight rescue the Knight Raiders, but the Professor seems to have contracted some disease. They are asked if they wish to Join the Circle of Knights and agree. Through mystical means, Akasha, an Orrorshian gypsy, tells them that, “Life brings death to the spiritual waters in the well of your soul. At the mouth of the well of the Itza you must seek the well of death which holds the water of life to replenish your soul.” The Knights determine that they must go to Chichen Itza and use the sacred Cenote's water to heal Prof. Paul. 

They make their way to Cancun and find the old tourist city is as alive as ever. On the East is the Carribean, and on the West is Azteca. Depending on the Tourist, one way or the other is what has brought them to Cancun. The Knights make their way to Chichen Itza and realize that the Fire Drill ceremony will be performed. In the ceremony, a man is sacrificed so that the sun will rise and a new calendar cycle will advance without the demons of the underworld being unleashed upon a world in eternal darkness. Itzcoatl convinces the party that with magic and religion being true in Azteca, the myth would be fulfilled if they stop the sacrifice. Instead, they use the ceremony as cover to enter the sacred cenote and Heal Prof. Paul.

Early July, Near Now

The Storm Knights rest at the farm, building their strength and mentally processed what had happened. They aren't 5 years into the "Possibility Wars" as they thought. Instead, Pope Jean Malraux used the Aylse and Tharkold axioms mixed with his own to create a hyper-realistic VX in which he put the Storm Knights through simulations and was using them to predict how other Storm Knights would react.

  At the Farm, they are met by Victor Charon, the leader of the Knights of the Hearth, or Home Knights as they are known. He explains that things are not quite like they thought. On this "real Earth", Azteca has taken hold of Southern Mexico and into Belize, Baruk Kaah had invaded central Africa, only for Dr. Mobius to Reality bomb the realm, fusing the two realities into the "Lost Land". Orrorsh has moved South into the Northern tip of Australia and up into Southeast Asia and into india. The Cyberpapacy has taken control of Spain as well as France, and Kaah has successfully linked the Western and Eastern Living Land Realms.

Captain Vengeance's suppressed memories come back and he realizes that because in the VX there was no Azteca, he was given a different persone there. He is really Itzcoatl, Aztec Priest.

The Knights are introduced via Skype to other Storm Knight groups: The Home Knights, The Border Knights, the Knights of the Road, The Knights of Dunad, and the Knight Raiders. After resting and recuperating, they head into the Living Land to investigate the missing Knight Raiders, who haven't reported back to the farm. There they experience the differences between what they knew about the VR Living Land and what is real.

June, Near Now

   Our group of storm Knights; Captain Vengeance, Andromache, Shaderact, Haldor, and Prof. Paul Von Faasen are in Vichy, France running from a Church Police Patrol. The patrol corners them in an ally and a firefight ensues. The Police mistake Haldor for someone called "Dungar the barbarian" and knock him out. Shaderact's missed shot brings the building down upon the remaining storm knights and the knights fade to unconsciouness.

   They wake in gooey biomechanical pods. A Cyberpapal decker, Fauxt Pascal, Telling them that they are in a Tharkold/Cyberpapacy/Aysle mixed zone and were part of a VX experiment. He's breaking them out. With the help of a renegade Tharkoldu, Kraton, The knights manage to make it out of Europe and to the Kentucky Farm. 


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