June, Near Now

   Our group of storm Knights; Captain Vengeance, Andromache, Shaderact, Haldor, and Prof. Paul Von Faasen are in Vichy, France running from a Church Police Patrol. The patrol corners them in an ally and a firefight ensues. The Police mistake Haldor for someone called "Dungar the barbarian" and knock him out. Shaderact's missed shot brings the building down upon the remaining storm knights and the knights fade to unconsciouness.

   They wake in gooey biomechanical pods. A Cyberpapal decker, Fauxt Pascal, Telling them that they are in a Tharkold/Cyberpapacy/Aysle mixed zone and were part of a VX experiment. He's breaking them out. With the help of a renegade Tharkoldu, Kraton, The knights manage to make it out of Europe and to the Kentucky Farm. 



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