The Knights of the Hart are the newest group within the Circle of Knights:
Itzcoatl – Azteca Priest
Shaderact – Cyberpapal Spy
Andromache – Nile Empire Amazon
Professor Paul Von Faasen – Nile Empire Weird Scientist
Haldor – Aysle Barbarian
Shuriken - Pan-Pacfica Stalenger Martial Artist/Businessman
John Smith – Core Earth Smuggler

These are their Stories in the "Reality Wars"

The Border Knights have updated the map of the realms.

Further Stories with:
Shuriken - Businessman/Martial Artist Stalenger
Geist – Nile Empire Gadget Hero
Sir Braeden of Concordia – Aysle Knight
Tsubosa Loshi - Tharkoldu Mage
Reverend Randolph Raith – Orrorsh Priest/Werewolf