The Circle of Knights

The Circle of Knights is an organization of allied Storm Knight groups that are fighting the High Lords, who have invaded Earth and are forcing their own realities unto Core Earth.

The Circle of Knights

The Knights of the Hearth
The Knights of the Hearth, or Home Knights as they are known, maintain the Kentucky Ranch. On the Ranch they coordinate the Circle’s activities, maintain support services, experiment with reality and gather and disseminate information.

The Border Knights
The Border Knights specialize in traveling the world and trying to maintain as accurate maps of the realms as possible. They have the fewest members as they do not want to draw much attention to themselves when out in the field.

The Knights of Dunad
The Knights of Dunad are the “Hard Hitters” of the Circle. When other groups need back-up, they are often the ones to come and lend much needed combat support.

The Knights of the Road
The Knights of the Road specialize in thwarting the plans of the High Lords. Once information gets to them about a nefarious plan, they are quick to determine its validity and take appropriate actions.

The Knight Raiders
The Knight Raiders are the “special forces” group of the Circle. They specialize in gathering information, reconnaissance. and precision strikes.

The Knights of the Hart
The Knights of the Hart are currently taking tasks or gathering information and allies for the Circle. As they are new to the Circle, they have not found a focus or specialty yet.

The Circle of Knights

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